How to enter

Hi Troppers, entries to Tropfest 26 are open and we're excited to start seeing see this year&...

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Entries open

Hey Troppers, Start Filming!

It's that time of year again. We're excited to ann...

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What to Bring to Tropfest 26

Tropfest 26 is shaping to be a huge night! In our 26th anniversary – held at the vibrant Pa...

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Getting to Tropfest 26

Tropfest’s location – Parramatta Park – is just a quick trip away. Whether...

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Pick Your Patch!

Pick Your Patch is the ultimate way to watch Tropfest, with reserved blanket space and a private...

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Loads of food and wine coming to Tropfest 26

Great food. Good wine. And even better short films!

At this year's Tropfest, you...

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Site map Tropfest 26

This year's event is located in the beautiful Parramatta Park.

Stay tuned for a det...

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Tropfest 25 winner ANNOUNCED

Saturday 11 February, 2017 – TROPFEST, the world’s largest short fil...

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Trop Jr Winner Announced Today as Part of Tropfest 25th Anniversary

Saturday 11 February, 2017 –  TROPFEST is thrilled to announce Nick W...

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TropTalks: Innovation - “Develop the story you want to tell and know that you’ll find the technique to develop it."

Our week long festival officially kicked off yesterday with our first ever TropTalks at Rive...

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