What to Bring to Tropfest 26

Tropfest 26 is shaping to be a huge night! In our 26th anniversary – held at the vibrant Parramatta Park on Saturday, Feb 17th 2018 – we’ve got all finalists from across Tropfest and Trop Jr, huge screens to premiere these films on, a wide variety of food trucks and vendors, and great bars!

But that’s what we’re bringing to the table (or picnic rug). What will you bring?

Here’s our list of essential items to make your Tropfest 26 a highly enjoyable one:

  • Water, Water, Water! – We recommend bringing bottles of water with you to keep you hydrated and cool, but if you’re not too keen on lugging huge bottles around, there will be cold bottles of water sold on site.
  • Slip, Slop, Slap! – We recommend bringing your own sunscreen for the day to keep you, your friends or family protected from the sun. We’ll also be providing sunscreen stations throughout Parramatta Park.
  • Cover that Noggin! – Bring a hat! It’s as simple as that. 
  • Feed that Excitement – Food. Did we even have to say? If you’re looking for something much more substantial (and oh so indulgent), we’ve got food vendors throughout the park, selling all the family favourites and gourmet delights
  • Here’s just a few smaller things that you could bring to enhance your experience:
  • A picnic rug
  • A hand fan
  • A camp chair
  • An esky
  • Some sporting gear to keep the kids busy while you wait (soccer balls, cricket bats e.t.c)
  • A camera to capture those great moments

We can’t wait to see you. Make sure you plan your day, pack your bags, and head off to Parramatta Park for a fun day!